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Earth CS2: Siege

So, we’re moving towards finishing up Wanda’s time in the future, and that means we’re heading into the Siege storyline, done CS style.

Since we all have different time commitments and it is hard to coordinate a big event, people are welcome to play out scenes from this fight at any time they want, and if you want to skip over this entirely, you can do that as well. The Sentry fight will span the general sequence of events, so other fights and things can be built around it if you want.

Here are villains who you can fight:

Norman Osborn






The U-Foes

Others you could fight if you need more are the Wrecking Crew and Madam Masque.

If you need other superheroes, these are the ones that we’ve mentioned are part of the resistance:

Tigra, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Sue Storm, Misty Knight, and Sam Wilson.

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Cracksmashers and lurkers…


I’ve turned off anon asks, sorry to do that but we really don’t feel comfortable answering app requests publicly and would rather be able to talk to you without clogging up the main blog with lots of replies. At the moment we’re going through a new app process and it probably won’t be finalised for at least a month. If you still want to app please do so then!

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Cracksmash EARTH CS2


Some of you may have noticed that Wanda has been flung into the future! There are a few things you should know about that future world. What you do with your characters, is of course, up to you and those who would interact with them, but for general world-ness, this is all you need to know.

Sixteen years have passed. The superhero registration act was passed two years ago, and SHIELD is currently under the directorship of Norman Osborn (also known as The Green Goblin). Norman proved himself a “friend and hero” to the people by saving them from an alien threat, and after registration passed and the other directors of SHIELD were proven incompetent he was the logical choice to replace them.

Our heroes were divided. On one side, those who were happy to register did so. On the other…

Captain America and several other avengers have gone underground to fight against the injustice they see as Osborn’s reign. Other heroes, including The Wasp and Hank Pym have decided to support registration (for reasons of their own) and are currently attempting to live their lives as unobtrusively as possible.

The mutant population have mostly moved to Utopia - their own country where they are not subject to the draconian laws of The United States.

Asgard has taken up residence on Earth (due to various magical circumstances) and while they are still technically sovereign, the fact that their entire world is currently suspended a few hundred metres above American soil makes relations somewhat strained.

You are free to play in the world however you choose. Do you support registration or not? Are you a double agent, or do you believe that your cause is just? Do you care?

This is an AU future, nothing your characters do or have done will necessarily come to pass (in the grand tradition of time travel in comics everywhere). The idea is to play with how things might have been.

What you do with your characters is totally up to you, and if you want to know where other people’s characters are just message them! Also regular CS universe will continue as normal, you are absolutely welcome to continue RPing your characters in the present as well as in the future. Just make sure to title or tag your Earth CS2 posts with Earth CS2 for archiving and tracking purposes.



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Skrull Invasion: Aftermath

*In the aftermath of the battle, the invading skrull force calls a full retreat. They have taken heavy casualties - in England, MI13 cleanses the land of them using magic and force. In Canada, Alpha Flight, still with fresh casualties from other events, manages to ward off the invasion. Around the world, skrulls are unveiled and everywhere they are fought, until the skrulls have no choice but to leave Earth or risk a longer conflict, one that would be out in the open this time*

*Many of their generals are dead or captured, and every one of their undercover operatives has been exposed*

*And as they leave,  several prison ships come down all over the globe, and those people who were taken and replaced are returned* *The skrulls have no need for most of them anymore.*

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I don’t think “leave the girlfriend in France” is really in the Clint Barton Playbook of Love.
-Clint “This Looks Bad” Barton
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*startles awake.*


We’re home? No, no, no, I was only asleep for a few minutes, how are we- Wait a minute.



*jumps to his feet, throwing his hands up.* OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD.

*just moves into sitting indian style on the floor.* Oh my god.

*flops over.* Oh my god. *paws at the jet’s carpeting.*

Oh my god, I suck. I suck so freaking hard. Oh my god.

*paw paw paw*

-Peter realizes they forgot Gwen in France
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-Thor does battle with grilled cheese
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In case people haven’t noticed! Bobbi and Kate are going to go rescue Clint today. Part of Bobbi’s plan is a bit cheeky, in that she’s going to at some point release the Skrull Antidote across New York and other major cities.

Luckily, Cap and Jan have been working on coordinating the other superhero groups, so the only place we have to worry about is New York! As with our Savage Land plot this will go on for a day or so and doesn’t have to interrupt other RP if you don’t want to take part in any skrull battles. However, if you do feel like finding a few teammates and having a skrull fight, be our guests! Skrulls will be popping up all over, so it’s really up to you where or who you want to be fighting. A general shield alert will go up when Bobbi releases the antidote, and then you can go for it.

We can keep this going for a couple of days, like with the savage land, and go at least into tonight so that our British members have some time to play with skrulls as well. 

I’ll tag all relevant posts with #cracksmash and #theskrullplot and the rescuing of Clint will be tagged #Operation: This Looks Bad. The Shield alert will go up on the cracksmashforhire blog when the time comes. 

Have fun!

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Well, the good news is, I’ll always turn up to save you from killer robots, even when I haven’t done anything stupid. Not that that happens a whole lot.

Steve to Jan after the events of Project Jocasta

In the grand scheme of CS? Killer robots happen a lot. Miri unintentionally foreshadows events, and this light-hearted comment becomes incredibly feels ridden.

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We’re not machines, no matter if some people might pretend to be. We’re so…complex. To be able to copy all of a person, to be them, it would never work. There would always be something missing, because they haven’t lived our lives; they’d only be experiencing it secondhand.


Pepper Skrull was fantastically terrifying. Vanessa did an amazing job with her.

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